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The final draft of the South East Plan includes plans for 8,000 to 10,000 homes to be built in Guildford town, largely to accommodate London overspill.


EGRA supports the sensitive provision of housing for local needs but the proposed expansion is on a totally different scale.  It simply doesn’t make sense to try and tackle London’s housing shortage by cramming thousands of new homes into a congested historic town like Guildford which is squeezed into a gap in the Downs.”


The following links give more information and contain forms to send comments to GOSE (Government Office for the South East) or if you prefer you can comment on-line via the GOSE website.


EGRA and the Guildford Society have jointly produced the Don't Wreck Guildford pamphlet, which describes the main proposals, how to get more information and how to send your comments to the Government


 Click here to read "Don't Wreck Guildford"

The Government have made it very difficult to comment on the plan. You need to complete a registration form plus each comment on a separate form. The Registration form and a Blank Comment form can be down loaded from the GOSE website or here.

Click here for the Registration Form and a Blank Comment form

EGRA has completed four comment forms as examples, you can use them as they are or adapt them to reflect your views.

Click here for the Completed Comment forms 1 - 4

Guildford Borough Council held a public meeting on Monday 8th September to gauge public opinion. The feedback on housing is available here.

Click here for the GBC Housing feedback

You can read, download the documents or register and make your comments on-line through the GOSE portal at The portal contains the Secretary of States proposed changes and the governments Sustainability Assessment.

 Click here for the GOSE Portal

The documents are in .pdf format. you can download the free .pdf reader from here Adobe Reader

Don't Wreck Guildford