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Royal Mail advice of a change to your postal address – Legacy Building

26 June 2022 0

Dear Customer

Your delivery office has recently advised us there are currently too many delivery points on postcode SW11 7AY to hold all flats at Legacy Building. Originally, we understood there to be a single delivery point for all mail to the building. However, we now know that all mail is delivered to separate boxes. As we can only hold up to a maximum of 100 delivery points on a single postcode, in order to continue to deliver mail efficiently and to correctly reflect all postal address on the Postcode Address File (PAF) it is necessary to issue you a new postcode. From 18th July your postcode will change to:

Legacy Building
1 Viaduct Gardens
SW11 7EN

Your postal address contains only the information we need to efficiently route and deliver your mail. It may therefore exclude, for example, the name of your village or district. If you wish to add further information to your postal address when providing details to others you are welcome to do so. This will have no detrimental effect on the service we provide. The change should show on the postcode finder on our website ( within 48 hours of 18th July and as we will recognise both the old and new postcode for at least 12 months, we would simply advise you to let any contacts or organisations know as and when you have reason to get in touch with them. Royal Mail makes postcode and address data available to external organisations so you should find your new postcode will start to appear on external address databases as and when they take address data updates from us. Many organisations such as banks, the DVLA etc. have facilities, via their website to easily update your address details.

We do understand the inconvenience a postcode change can cause, however, we must make provision for all postal addresses at Legacy Building. Thanks for your help and understanding.

Yours sincerely

Gary Hardy

Address Maintenance Manager

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