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Now there are two ways to enjoy the Oxeye experience…

12 July 2022

We know it’s a difficult time for everyone right now, financially and otherwise, but we’re also incredibly aware how much of an important place hospitality has in helping people deal with tough times. The conviviality of London, the world-class hospitality we have here, the community of the restaurants and hotels is wonderful, we’re in a wonderful place and have been warmly welcomed into this community. Now it is time for us to welcome more guests to Oxeye.

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I’ve always been very protective of our menu here at Oxeye. Paramount for us is to only use the very best, world class ingredients and combine them with warm service, classic cooking techniques and an exacting attention to detail.

To ensure this is always in place, I’ve been very strict about what we do and don’t serve in the restaurant, and how we do it. We’ve been open 9 months now and we’re in a position to move forward with how our guests can experience Oxeye.

Launching this week is our new £89 short tasting menu. The menu uses the same incredible ingredients as our full £138 menu, the same classic cooking and the same attention to detail – it’s just much shorter and can be completed in 2 hours.

We hope this new menu will allow us to showcase who we are to a new group of guests and give us the ability to welcome back many of you who have dined with us in the past.

We still have availability this week and the rest of July. (We have excellent AirCon and ice cold drinks!)

I hope to see you soon,