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Energy statement from the Property Institute

8 September 2022 0

Net Zero is my focus as Exec Chair of the TPI. As such, I wanted to draw attention to yesterday’s speech by the Prime Minister on Energy.

For those of us in property management or leasehold there was an important reference in the speech, and I quote “For those using heating oil, living in park homes or those on heat networks, we will set up a fund so that all UK consumers can benefit from equivalent support”.

The key phrase therein is “heat networks” – which might not ring any bells with you at first.

TPI have been working in conjunction with Heat Trust, the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE), UK District Energy Association (UKDEA) and the National Housing Federation (NHF), amongst others, alongside our colleagues in BEIS and DLUHC.

TPI’s involvement has been to help understand and deliver Net Zero targets at residential blocks. But inevitably over the last few months the group has been looking at finding ways to help consumers with their electricity and gas bills. This means for leaseholders not only with their personal energy bills, but those where there are communal heating costs within the service charge.

These communal networks have been recognized and are included within the framework of heat networks. In a nutshell, that recognition means that financial support will be made available to those leaseholders with communal heating systems.

The work on what that fund entails and how it will be delivered is being worked on by all of us at speed.

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