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12 July 2022

We know it’s a difficult time for everyone right now, financially and otherwise, but we’re also incredibly aware how much of an important place hospitality has in helping people deal with tough times. The conviviality of London, the world-class hospitality we have here, the community of the restaurants and hotels is wonderful, we’re in a wonderful place and have been warmly welcomed into this community. Now it is time for us to welcome more guests to Oxeye.

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I’ve always been very protective of our menu here at Oxeye. Paramount for us is to only use the very best, world class ingredients and combine them with warm service, classic cooking techniques and an exacting attention to detail.

To ensure this is always in place, I’ve been very strict about what we do and don’t serve in the restaurant, and how we do it. We’ve been open 9 months now and we’re in a position to move forward with how our guests can experience Oxeye.

Launching this week is our new £89 short tasting menu. The menu uses the same incredible ingredients as our full £138 menu, the same classic cooking and the same attention to detail – it’s just much shorter and can be completed in 2 hours.

We hope this new menu will allow us to showcase who we are to a new group of guests and give us the ability to welcome back many of you who have dined with us in the past.

We still have availability this week and the rest of July. (We have excellent AirCon and ice cold drinks!)

I hope to see you soon,



8 June 2022

Wow! I didn’t expect that!

Within a few minutes of the last newsletter going out, all of our empty tables were full! You guys are absolutely the best!
I know there’s still huge demand for a table with us as we’ve had a large number of enquiries, so as a big thank you for your support, we’re going to announce another 30% off our tasting menu for the remaining Thursdays and Fridays in June.
Just quote the code “EXTRACAVIAR” in your confirmation email along with your dietary requirements and visit information and we will automatically remove 30% from our menu price on your bill.
We can’t wait to welcome you to Oxeye!

Sven-Hanson Britt

*Please note – the 30% off is valid for all the remaining Thursdays and Fridays in June only. The discount is only valid for 30% off our tasting menu priced at £138 – giving a saving of £41.40 – and not valid on drinks, wine or any supplements*


7 June 2022

We’ve had a few last minute cancellations and some change of dates for a couple of events here at Oxeye over the next 7 days, so that gives us a chance to offer some availability in the restaurant for this week to you, our loyal and very patient subscribers!

See below for information about 50% off this week.

Tomorrow – Wednesday 8th – we now have availability in the restaurant with tables of 1, 2, 3 and 4 available for dinner. If you would like one of these tables, then please follow the link below to make a reservation and add the code “JUBILEE” in the notes section of your booking for 50% off our £138 tasting menu

Saturday 11th June sees us with a few rare tables for the weekend too, due to a cancellation of a large event here at the restaurant. Again, use the code “JUBILEE” in the notes section of your reservation for 50% off your menu for that evening.

Alternatively, give us a call on 020 8067 7532 to speak to one of the team and make a reservation.


5 April 2022 0

The hunt is set to take place across the Easter weekend at Cartografie Chocolate‘s sister restaurant and great friends Oxeye, in Embassy Gardens. Visitors will be encouraged to explore across the pedestrianised areas of Embassy Gardens and the linear Nine Elms Park, to discover hidden egg posters, each of which will contain secret letters. The secret letters, in turn, make up a secret password, which then gives access to your prize (lots of chocolate) on return to Oxeye!

Treat the family and come along to Oxeye between 11am and 5pm, from Thursday 14 April to Saturday 16 April.

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18 August 2021 0

Chef Sven Hanson Britt (recently seen at Homestead) is bringing his restaurant Oxeye to life, which has previously run as a residency at Carousel. It’s coming to Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms (where Darby’s and Homeboy are) and it’s going to be a multi-function space which combines a restaurant and bar along with a shop and gallery.
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