EGRA Committee Members - Embassy Gardens Residents Association

The following Committee Officers were elected at our Annual General Meeting held on the 26th July 2022.

As per our constitution, this is a one year term, with re-elections to be held at our next AGM in 2023.

2022 – 2023 Committee Role Name Tenure Building
Co-Chair Charles Hyde Resident leaseholder Ambassador
Co-Chair David Watson Non-resident leaseholder Capital
Vice-Chair Vacant
Treasurer Henry McPherson Resident leaseholder Legacy
Membership Secretary Patricia Spalding Resident leaseholder Legacy
Phase 1 Representative Mike Croucher Resident leaseholder Ambassador
Phase 2 Representative Vacant Resident leaseholder
Communications Secretary Harjer Kadhim Resident tenant Capital

In the vote for Chair, both candidates secured 50% of the vote, and therefore mutually decided to act as Co-Chair.

Mike Croucher was co-opted by fellow committee members as Phase I representative after the AGM on 3 August 2022.

Gloria Sheppard was elected as Treasurer at the AGM on 26 July 2022 but decided to stepdown from the Committee on 19 August 2022 and consequently the Committee agreed that Henry McPherson previously Phase I Representative should take the role of Treasurer.

The new Committee will be in touch with updates in due course after they meet and settle in.

We are still looking for a neighbour to take on the role of Vice-Chair for the new committee and ask anyone interested to please get in touch with either of the Chairs.

The new Committee will work on our behalf with Ballymore and their representatives, reporting back to the Committee for any decisions that need to be made.

If you have any issues or ideas that you wish the Committee to address, or raise on your behalf, then please contact your block representative, as identified below or complete the contact form.

One of the Co-Chairs has proposed an alternative committee structure to bring greater alignment with the maturing facilities and services at and around Embassy Gardens, shown below, however any such change would require a change to the Association’s constitution and would only take affect after the committee have held a vote of the membership.


Co-Chairs Governance Lead Finance Lead Energy Management Lead Maintenance Lead Soft Services Lead Facilities Lead Communications & Engagement Lead
Lead and coordinate action plan Secretary Review of BAML service charges ECOS district heating system RFP Planned Preventative Maintenance schedules (window cleaning, HIU/FCU servicing, PAT testing, emergency light testing, cyclical decorations) Cleaning Ambassador pool Website
Escalation point Treasurer FY2019 accounts settlement Optimising apartment FCUs and HIUs Cyclical Maintenance, Reactive Repairs Concierge Gyms and studio Newsletters
Forward Plan Revised constitution FY2020 accounts review FCU and vent filter spring cleaning routine Impress stock for common spare parts Security Sky Pool Membership Outreach
Planning Budget vs run rate this FY Review capacity and load factor for roof chillers Approach for Handyperson Service Valet Parking Business Lounges equipment Liaison with neighbouring construction and developments + Keltway resident updates + Dominvs hotel
Quarterly town hall FY2023 budget planning Options for solar panels EV Charge Points for Vehicles Gardening and green roofs Cinema Events
Surgery every 6 weeks Major works reserve fund Investigate options for smartphone control of heating and intercom for a large group of residents to co-buy Pest control Resort brand standards + SOPs Sponsorship opportunities
Ensure developer funding for voids Fire safety Optimising use of facilities Website listing of independent third parties tradesmen (but not recommended)
Noise and ASB Winter plan for Sky Pool Proactive engagement to secure more members in Phase II to then achieve recognised RA status for Legacy and The Modern
Good neighbour scheme
Responsible pet policy + dog exercise area
Damage it and fix it policy

The committee intend to the option for establishing sub-committees to focus on specific workstreams in the coming weeks and will welcome residents from across Embassy Gardens to participate.

Operational Sub-Committee

  • To work with BAML to ensure that EG runs smoothly and delivers for all residents
  • To work with BAML to ensure that repairs and maintenance works are completed and to the highest standard
  • To represent the residents of each block and to raise your issues through the association with BAML and Ballymore


Facilities and Social Events Sub-Committee

  • To work with BAML on the ongoing development of the facilities
  • To prepare and deliver an active social calendar to help develop the EG community
  • To work with Ballymore on the delivery of commercial units that help enhance EG and meet our needs and expectations


Communications and Membership Sub-Committee

  • To hold account BAML to the services they provide, as well as ensuring transparency and value for money within the Service Charge and Annual Accounts


Service Charge and Accounts Sub-Committee

  • To ensure effective and timely communication between members
  • To continue increasing our membership so that we achieve formal recognition
  • To hold account BAML to the services they provide, as well as ensuring transparency and value for money within the Service Charge and Annual Accounts