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The Alchemist - a devilish dash of theatre - Embassy Gardens Residents Association

Eat and drink where old London meets new

A tale of regeneration and evolution unfolds with each step through Embassy Gardens. Once a marshland only ferrymen could explore, Nine Elms grew through the Industrial Revolution – and beyond. Today, apartments, restaurants, and bars stand where tanneries, waterworks, and leadworks once stood. A riverside district where old merges into new; where better to stage The Alchemist’s world of theatre served?

The Alchemist venue at Embassy Gardens introduces an air of the unexpected; weaving a new chapter into an already enchanting tale.


The bartenders create every cocktail with an obsessive eye for detail, orchestrated to add a devilish dash of theatre for their guests. Watch the molecular magic unfold before your very eyes.


Your chef has come equally prepared to bedazzle and bewitch with their famous molecular mixology, but to your table as glorious food inspired by worldwide cuisines. Enjoy classic dishes with an Alchemist twist.


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The Alchemist

1 Ponton Road

Nine Elms

London SW11 7BD

020 3457 6646


Opening Times

Monday | 10am – 11pm
Tuesday | 10am – 11pm
Wednesday | 10am – 11pm
Thursday | 10am – 11pm
Friday | 10am – 11pm
Saturday | 10am – 11pm
Sunday | 10am – 11pm

Food served from:
Mon – Fri | 12pm
Sat – Sun | 10am