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Utilities Providers for Embassy Gardens - Embassy Gardens Residents Association

When you move in to an apartment at Embassy Gardens, you will want to register all the utilities into your name.

Utility Organisation Telephone Email Website
Services Charges and Ground Rent Ballymore Asset Management 020 7510 8377
Valet Parking (Permits) Parking Control Management UK 01753 512 603
Heating and Cooling Communal Energy Partners 0330 088 3607
Electricity Eon Next 0808 501 5200
Cold and Waste Water Leep Utilities 0345 122 6780
Council Tax Wandsworth Council 020 8871 8081
Fibre Internet Hyperoptic 0333 332 1111
Fibre Internet BT Fibre Broadband 0800 800150
Fibre Internet Virgin Media 0800 0643840
Statutory TV Licence BBC 0300 790 6071
Cable TV Virgin Media 0800 0643840
Satellite TV Sky 0800 1512747
EG:Life Smartphone App Ballymore
Pool and Gym Induction Ballymore

For most buildings in Embassy Gardens:

⚡️ Electricity meter is in the communal cupboard in the corridor. It’s not a smart meter unless you (or a previous occupant) has contacted Eon Next to get them to install a smart meter.
💧 Water meter is usually under the ‘boiler’ near your front door. You need to submit meter reading to Leep Utilities. They now have a way of submitting an online meter reading and getting your bill online. They never come and read it, so you may be having a big under/over estimate if you’ve never read it.
❄️ Cooling Meter is usually your bathroom ceiling access panel. It’s read daily automatically by Communal Energy partners, with nothing for you to do. If your cooling charge isn’t 0 through the winter your heating unit is probably set incorrectly (make sure there’s no blue water drop icon in the bottom right of the thermostat interface unit).

🔥 Heating Meter is on the front of the ‘boiler’ near our front door. It’s read daily automatically by Communal Energy partners, nothing to do.