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Welcome to the Embassy Gardens Residents Association website maintained by volunteers to benefit the onsite community.

The Embassy Gardens Residents Association (EGRA) was formed in 2016. We are a growing group of enthusiastic residents who wish to ensure that Embassy Gardens is one of London’s leading developments to live in. Naturally, we find community engagement a little challenging with the significant extent of overseas ownership and a high number of tenants bringing regular resident churn to the apartments.

We’re solution-focused, and committed to working with Ballymore; we aim to address your concerns, promote your ideas and create a thriving community. Our ethos and motivation are to embrace the fantastic facilities and amenities across our community and to ensure that we are as socially inclusive as our leaseholder and tenant neighbours.

Since our formation, the EGRA has done a lot of good work by the Association, not only for its long-term residents but also for tenants renting apartments in the short to medium term. Membership is extremely important to the success of the Association.  Formal recognition (50% leaseholders required by Ballymore) was achieved in early 2022 by Phase I (Ambassador & Capital Buildings) and we are working hard to build our membership across Phase II (Legacy & The Modern Buildings).

Recognised Associations have the following rights:

  • Obtain information about the service charge accounts
  • Be consulted about the landlords choice of appointing managing agents
  • Be notified by the landlord of proposed major works and receive copies of estimates etc
  • Submit details of contractors which the landlord must consider before embarking on major works projects
  • Right to appoint a surveyor, who in turn can appoint an accountant who can review all matters related to the service charge
  • Leaseholders can then have a full management audit carried out on their behalf.  This is independent of the rights of the RA, but needs 66.6% of all leaseholder to agree and fund it.
  • Discussions are ongoing with Ballymore as to how they may be able to support and help to facilitate a wider membership.
The evolving news page is password-protected for residents of Embassy Gardens only.
It is regularly updated with internal announcements of the development, offers and promotions from local businesses, information on construction activity for local development schemes and other pertinent information for our community.
We welcome editorial contributions from residents, local businesses and other interested parties to email us with your news to share with our community.
We are always keen to welcome new members. Our joining page contains details on how to join.
Please contact us at our email address with any questions –